Saskatchewan Division

E Construction Ltd. Saskatchewan’s group of companies provides road construction and materials production services throughout the province of Saskatchewan.  The Saskatchewan Division manages G&C Asphalt, G&C Ready Mix, Delta Aggregates, Westland Concrete and Souris Valley Paving out of our corporate office in Saskatoon. We supply aggregate and ready mix concrete, as well as provide road and parking lot construction/rehabilitation including sub-grade construction, granular placement, concrete installation and paving.

At E Construction Ltd. Safety is our number one priority. We also place a great level of importance on community initiatives and strive to utilize local service suppliers and businesses whenever possible to support our clients within the Region. Specifically, much of our concrete work, line painting, signage and landscaping projects are sub-contracted or purchased locally.

G&C Asphalt

This company was the first Colas acquisition in Saskatchewan, purchased in July 2009.  G&C Asphalt operates in North Battleford,  with two major divisions: asphalt/road construction and aggregates.  Our permanent asphalt plant is the only one in the city and we work up to a 200 km radius with the use of warm mix asphalt (generally 100% of mix produced by us is warm mix). 

G&C Ready Mix

This company, formerly known as TNM Concrete, underwent a name change at the start of the 2015 construction season to harness the strength of the previous G&C brand.  It was purchased by Colas in January 2012 and, with one of only two concrete plants in town, we are the largest concrete supplier in North Battleford.

Delta Aggregates & Westland Concrete

Delta Aggregates and Westland Concrete were purchased by Colas in June 2012.  Our main activities are trucking, aggregate supply, site development and concrete supply, though we have recently started highway paving work through Saskatchewan.  Our main office is located in Swift Current and we operate two concrete plants: one in Swift Current and one in Shaunavon.   

Souris Valley Paving

Souris Valley Paving was purchased by Colas in August 2012.  This conventional road construction company operates in Estevan.  We are the only asphalt plant located in the area and supply to a 150 km radius.

Our core services include:

  • Asphalt production & placement
  • Aggregate placement
  • Gravel & Granular base course placement
  • Emulsion production & sales
  • Cement stabilized sub-grade
  • Earthworks & Grading
  • Roller compacted concrete
  • Road maintenance

For free project estimates in the Saskatchewan Division please contact:


Michael Cardinal
Manager, Saskatchewan Division
Delta Agg/Souris Valley Paving

Curtis Isenor
Area Manager
G&C Asphalt

Wayne Rommerdahl
Area Manager
G&C Ready Mix/Westland Concrete

Michael Cardinal Manager, SASk division

Michael Cardinal
Manager, SASk division

curtis isenor area manager, G&C asphalt

curtis isenor
area manager,
G&C asphalt

Wayne Rommerdahl Area Manager, G&C ready mix/ westland concrete

Wayne Rommerdahl
Area Manager,
G&C ready mix/ westland concrete